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The Power Through Voice Interviews with Liz Wilson.

Whoopi Goldberg and American Idol praise Janet’s young student. Katie Dale age 18. September 2011

1. How long have you been taking sessions with Janet?

I have been working with Janet monthly for the past 15 Months.

2. What was your voice and range like before you worked with Janet?

My voice was powerful when I started working with Janet, however I had never really done any advanced technique work to expand my vocal range. I couldn't get very high, maybe about an ‘E’ or ‘F’ That is 10 or 11 notes above middle ‘C’. I was not technically as strong as I should have been.

3 How is your voice now?

My voice now is very much more developed technically. I can hold notes longer by using the breath control techniques Janet has taught me. Now I can sing above the highest ‘Phantom of the Opera’ note which is a top E flat and can go to top G's. This is a whole octave + (8 - 10 notes) higher than when I began working with Janet and my range grows with each lesson. I have been able to achieve this by doing the vocal exercises which Janet has given me and the exercises from Power Through Voice which are a great foundation.

4. You sound to have made huge progress and I know you’re very excited about it. Other people have noticed a big difference and I hear that you recently took your CD to Whoopi Goldberg – that was very brave of you.

Yes, it is exciting. I think my voice has changed dramatically and people have noticed the control and vocal range I have and how massively it has improved. I’ve also had a wonderful compliment from Whoopi Goldberg. When I left her my CD of 3 songs from Dreamgirls, I had an email from her saying:

‘….you have an amazing voice!.....you tackled some extremely difficult songs and knocked them out of the park BRAVA……hold tight to your dreams and never let anyone tell you “No” ‘

Wow! That must be the ultimate compliment! But Janet tells me that you have now made EVEN MORE people sit up and applaud in the US?

I have recently returned from America where I entered American Idol - The Experience, at Disney World and the comments I had from industry professionals who work for Disney were amazing. One judge noticed I had a musical theatre background saying the technique I have from musical theatre singing training with Janet, has given my voice the pitch, clarity and control it takes for a vocalist to make it in the industry and anything less was not of an industry standard for a vocalist/ performer. In other words it’s very tough out there and the standard is high. I was lucky enough to win the contest and win a golden ticket which entitles me to go to the front of the queue at any of the real American Idol auditions in America. Unfortunately I can’t do this as I’m not American.

5. What a great pity, but no doubt you’ll be doing more fantastic things very soon. Finally, is there anything else you’d like to say about your work with Janet?

Janet is so much more than a vocal coach she is more of a life coach. As well as concentrating on the voice she looks at the body of the singer and their diet and life-style to make sure they are a healthy performer and have enough stamina to sing professionally 8 shows a week if need be. She has also taught me that I need a thick skin for the industry and to be ready for any rejection that may come my way. She has taught me how the business works, that even if I am the most amazing singer, there is always someone better than me and I may not always be right for the job maybe because they want a certain “look”. Janet also has shown me that my education is important even for performing, so I am getting my qualifications to go to university and get a degree. Janet is an amazing person and I am a very, very lucky girl to have singing lessons with her and I hope to be singing with her for years to come.

Thank you for talking with me, I’m sure those of you reading this will be as impressed as I am at this young lady’s grit, and very hard work.

Reasons why the Janet Edwards Power Through Voice course maybe right for you:

Did you know that other people’s first impressions of you are based not on your looks or the clothes you wear but on your voice? In less than a minute, your voice alone reveals your size, weight, height, gender, social class and race. 

Did you know that your voice isn’t produced by your vocal chords alone, but by many different parts of your body – including up to two thirds of your torso? 

Did you know that people intuitively try to match the vocal qualities of the most powerful person in the room? Did you know you can be that person who influences and inspires the people you meet? 

And yet, whether you aspire to be a great singer or a sought-after public speaker, your voice is often the last resource to receive attention. 

Vocal coach Janet Edwards has demonstrated the profound effect competent training can bring to any of us who wish to make an impact on the people we meet or want to entertain. She has coached ordinary people like you and me to stardom, including singers and actors such as Leona Lewis, Sarah Brightman, Mel 'C' of the Spice Girls, Venessa Mae, Les Dennis, Boy George, Maureen Lipman, Amanda Holden amongst others (please check www.janetedwards.co.uk for further details).

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  • "Janet Edwards, my singing teacher, instilled in me a solid foundation" Leona Lewis 2009 - Leona: Dreams
  • "I have worked with Janet Edwards over the years and she has helped me to achieve confidence and strength in my singing voice. Thanks to her I was able to play Amos Hart in Chicago and hit that high note every night. Not bad for someone who was thrown out of the school choir. This new CD is invaluable to professionals and amateurs alike. Everyone has a voice. They just need to find it. Janet can help you do that." Les Dennis (May 2009) - Comedian, television presenter and actor
  • "I am loving Janets online study - esp the concentration on the support muscle which is key for me. Janet`s explanations of everything are so very easy and put things into a `real` context without getting too `heady` about things." Lisa Griffiths (April 2009)
  • "Thank you so much – my confidence is returning and thanks to your help – I am a singer!" Rebecca Chapman
  • "I can’t tell you how much better my voice feels. Thank you for all your help" Sean Oliver
  • "The ability to sing and make it happen are like two strands that have come together…..thanks for everything Janet." Cosima
  • "Thank you for your support and enthusiasm and contribution to our foundation course. " Portia C
  • "Thank you so much for a wonderful seminar. I learned so much and many things which were unclear in the past, suddenly made sense! I thoroughly enjoyed myself. " Lucinda D
  • "Thank you so much for your help and guidance, experience and all your advice. " Phil Marsh
  • ......how much you’ve helped me. You also taught me so many life skills and I think I am the person I am today because of you" Susan Ellis
  • "Thank you for all your invaluable help. " Maureen Lipman
  • "Thank you for everything…..I’ve learned so much. " Darrin Trombas
  • "Janet gave me that extra motivation. She’s taught big stars and really inspired me. " Katie Jones
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